improvised ambient avant world music
Straylight is dedicated to the art of improvised ambient avant world music
The History of Straylight
Charles Cohen and Jason Finkelman first met and improvised during a day of spontaneous art at the Painted Bride Art Center, in Philadelphia, PA in 1987.

In September 1991, Charles Cohen, Jason Finkelman, and guitarist Damon Umholtz, first performed together at Café Kairos, a West Philadelphia coffee house. Together they would perform at the café through the Fall of 1991.

By February 1992, this improvising trio would perform as Straylight for the first time in the CODA Series, presented by Convergence in Philadelphia.

In the Summer of 1992 Jason Finkelman left Philadelphia for Upstate New York. He met and improvised with Geoff Gersh in New Paltz, NY in 1993. Together they performed with Charles Cohen for the first time in the Summer of 1993 at the Accord Train Station in Accord, NY. This meeting would reestablish the collaborative music ensemble Straylight, which continues to perform in this configuration today.

From the Fall of 1994 to the Fall of 1995 Jason Finkelman and Geoff Gersh would perform as Straylight in duet settings, as well as in collaboration with others. By the Winter of 1995, Straylight had become an improvising trio featuring Finkelman and Gersh with Charles Cohen.

Since then, Straylight has collaborated extensively with special guest improvising artists across the genre, composed and performed award winning music for Cynthia Oliver's dance / performance works, have performed in site specific locations, and recently released their first self titled CD on the Deep Listening Label